Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dr. Love's Qigong Rap

Here's a fun introductory rap video about Qigong that a friend sent to me the other day...

If you've been following my blog, you know I rant about never having developed the Tai-chi internal strength from following a Qigong mindset.

I remember Grand Master Chen Xiaowang adjusting my arm position at a silk reeling seminar to a more relaxed, extending position at which point I noticed the feeling changed and he said, "Ah, Qi flowing." He then adjusted it again, "Ah, Qi not flowing." Two different feelings. I like to keep it grounded there.

I think of "Qi" as being a Chinese cultural frame of reference with so many embedded cultural allusions that there are no intelligent cultural equivalents in "the west". Even though many people accept the common linguistic translation of "Qi" as meaning "energy", the problem arises when they apply their own cultural filters and market hype to this word. From my experience, the resultant cross-cultural ambiguity can create misunderstandings which are better to be avoided.

Experience the feeling of "Qi flowing" and then label that feeling: relaxed but not limp, or with intention but not tense, or whatever descriptors spring to mind in your local dialect. If it helps, think of "Qi" as the local dialect word used in China. Nothing more, nothing less.

If people need to do something "special" or need to feel they are "special" or like to wear "special" clothes while doing whatever it is that promotes their health, then that's a good thing.

Dr Love raps, "This is why I do Qigong"

Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong Academy

Dancing Qigong Rap and instructions as introduction to Qigong. Dr. Love is lineage holder of Lung Qing Qigong aka Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong. He is Master of Blue Dragon Qigong since 1994. George Xavier Love is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from Ju Shi Lin Daoist Scholars Council in Beijing under Master Li Bing Yuan aka Prof. John B.Y. Lee

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