Internal Gongfu Theory

A selection of my theoretical articles that are derived from my internal gong-fu practice with Wujifa.

1. A Functional Understanding of Ti-Yong for Martial Arts and Wujifa
The road map of the internal structure of a functional practice. Difficult to read. Difficult to comprehend. A real gem for understanding your internal gongfu practice.

2. Force, Balance, Limp
Force is opposite relax. Limp is opposite structure. Force is opposite limp. Relax is not limp.

3. The Third Feeling
I came to the internal arts with a fair degree of chronic, habitual tension. Let's call this the first feeling. Slowly I learned to un-tense, to relax, to go limp. Let's call this the second feeling. To develop the connection-ness of internal strength, we want to practice the third feeling.

4. Why Relax?
As I go deeper into focusing internally on relaxing my musculature, what I'm actually doing is integrating more and more of my mind into my body which yields a different result than "just" relaxing. Through relaxing I can develop the sensitivity to feeling fascial connection.

5. Internal Gong Fu Paradigms
You were raised with a paradigm. Your martial arts practice is probably based in an Asian tradition, a  Euro-American tradition, or may not be tied to a particular cultural tradition. If you try synthesizing ideas between paradigms without first having a basic functional understanding of paradigms, you could wind up with a confused stew pot of ideas rather than further clarity.

6. Mastering Internal Strength
A look at the 10,000 hour theory applied to "getting" and "mastering" internal strength.

7. How Long Does It Take To Develop Peng-Jing?
When people talk about developing Peng-Jing they often say it takes "a long time", or "many years". Sorry, there is no such thing as "instant" peng-jing. So what exactly is involved in developing peng-jing that takes "a long time" or "many years"?

8. Chinese Martial Arts Without The Qi
We do not need to learn the Qi aspect of the Chinese worldview to develop higher level skills. I say this from experience of wasting years in this pursuit.