Silk Reeling

I've learned through experience that mimicking the external Silk Reeling or ChanSiGong forms does not in itself develop internal connectedness which to me is the "silk" you want to be "reeling". Here are a few articles from my blog that I hope will inform your perspective and practice of Silk Reeling.

Silk Reeling Exercises (May 2010)
A common error that beginners make when learning Silk Reeling exercises is focusing on learning the various Silk Reeling forms and then believe they are doing silk reeling. Instructors who teach silk reeling exercises say to practice the forms as if pulling a silk thread from a cocoon. Well, folks, a beginner doesn't even have a thread to pull much less worrying about how to pull it! Silk reeling exercises are not about employing the imagination process but rather about something much more kinesthetic and tactile.

Silk Reeling Exercise and Silk Reeling Production (March 2012)
In Chen style Taijiquan, there are a set of exercises known as Silk Reeling (ChanSiGong or ChanSiJing). Why are these exercises called "Silk Reeling"? How does the reeling of silk for silk production represent the internal kinesthetic feeling that you are looking to develop in Silk Reeling exercises?

Silk Reeling Secrets and Levels of Seeing (November 2012)
The only secrets in silk reeling are those that you cannot yet see. And not because instructors are deliberately hiding "secrets" from you. It's more the case that you are simply blind to seeing. Once you can see to a particular level, then that level can no longer be hidden from you. The formerly invisible becomes subtle and the previously subtle becomes obvious.