Friday, August 28, 2009

Zhan Zhuang. No Athleticism Required?

Even though Zhan Zhuang looks like simply standing in a manner suggesting there is no athleticism required, in fact, zhan zhuang can be quite demanding athletically.

I love watching the flashy forms these athletes display. And while I will never develop flashy forms, zhan zhuang does require a degree of athleticism. How so?

The burning in your legs tests your resolve to remain standing. Do you eat bitter and push on or quit? You learn how to relax certain muscles and engage and strengthen other muscles. Can you remain fully present and in-the-moment when the stillness lulls you to trance-out? Are you committed to practicing, to always seeking your personal best?

Make no mistake. There is more to standing that "just" standing.


  1. Hi Mike!

    I enjoyed "the show", and I agree with you, Zhaun Zhuang is where "the beef is".


    Twenty Twenty

  2. This is Rick from

    Practice the ordinary until it is extra-ordinary... if 60,000 people are inspired that is wonderful for them... as they learn what extra-ordinary is and how it is different than watching someone one TV...

    Nice YouTube Video... I like how you find these... ROCK ON!