Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wilhelm Reich - An Introduction

I referenced Wilhelm Reich in a previous post, Internal Structure Part 2 - Structural Integration, and others have referenced him and/or his work in their comments on this site. While I learned about Freud and Jung in college psychology class, I never learned about Reich. I found the below biographical segments very informative and so I am re-posting them here.

Man's Right to Know: The Wilhelm Reich Story
"This introductory biography about Wilhelm Reich, M.D. was produced by The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in 2002 as both the opening exhibit for visitors to the Wilhelm Reich Museum and as an educational tool for wider audiences. It provides a concise overview of Reich's life and work. Comprised of archival photographs and film footage, plus computer animation, this biography is not intended as a substitute for Reich's literature, but rather as an easy-to-understand introduction to Reich's life and to his discovery and investigations of orgone energy. This production also provides a succinct and dramatic account of the Food and Drug Administration’s campaign to destroy Reich's work."

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  1. Thank you for sharing these...

    I liked the part where they said: While he lived... He was truely alive.

    How many people can say this? How many would be willing to explore this? How many based on imagined or real fears hide from every being willing to discover their own personal freedom?

    I believe I read somewhere something like Man believing he is in a cage with no option choose to simply sit or hang pretty pictures on the wall of their cage when if they would have ever simply got up out of their chair they would have found the door to the cage and that this door was never really locked.

    Little people yell don't go near the door... As if those people had ever check their own cage doors... Promoting a society of people afraid to discover live and their freedom.... As others tell them it's useless and they'd better not...

    Thank-you again for sharing these.