Top Ten Articles

Here are the top ten ranked Internal Gong Fu pages or articles as of June 2020. I update this list periodically. Enjoy!

1. Zhan Zhuang Journal page
This is the main page on which I've compiled links to all my class notes. A veritable gold mine of experience. Here's a tip for you. Click any random link on this page. You're sure to find just the right nugget for you now.

2. Relaxing Pelvic Floor For Tai Chi And Zhan Zhuang
A lot of Tai-chi and Zhan Zhuang people talk about the need to relax the pelvic floor. This article offers some practical methods of how to relax the pelvic floor. (As of March 2013, this article became part of my first book, "Secrets of the Pelvis for Martial Arts".)

3. Sink the Chi - How To Sit Down While Standing
Here's a practical and functional method to help you experience the feeling of dropping your weight into your legs.

4. Tai Chi page
A selection of articles related to Tai-chi Chuan: Stories From the Trenches. Tai-chi Functional Training Tips. Tai-chi Perspectives

5. Silk Reeling Exercises
"Silk Reeling" is not about practicing silk reeling forms but rather about feeling and maintaining a particular kinesthetic quality, fascial connection, as you transition from stance to simple movements.

6. Top Ten Articles. Yes, this page is #6 on the Top Ten list.

7. Lower Back: Arch, Drop, And Tuck
Tai-chi teachers who instruct students to "tuck" are violating the other Tai-chi principle of relax. Learn to distinguish which of these is congruent with relax.

8. Zhan Zhuang Training Journal
This is the introductory article to the class notes I've compiled since I began practicing zhan zhuang in 1999.

9. Rounding the Crotch (圆裆) for Tai Chi And Zhan Zhuang
In Chinese culture "round" has both quantitative and qualitative properties. Learn how the bio-mechanics of rotating the femur heads forward leads to a "rounding" of the crotch and improved stability in your stances. (As of March 2013, this article also became part of my first book, "Secrets of the Pelvis for Martial Arts".)

10. Internal Gongfu Theory page
A selection of my theoretical articles that are derived from my internal gong-fu practice with Wujifa.