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Xing-Yi Quan Five Element Seminar: Journal Notes #29

Notes from the July 9, 2005 Xing-Yi Five Element seminar held at Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA as taught by Gary S. Torres of the Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy. This seminar was organized by The School of Cultivation and Practice. (My current reflections are added in italics.)

This seminar covered:
  • Five Element Fighting Theory
  • Meridian and Point Striking timetable
  • Xing-Yi Five Element form
  • Xing-Yi Five Element, Two-person form
  • Xing-Yi point striking
Five Element Fighting Theory

five element fighting theory
(The Five Element Theory diagram can also be seen at the Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy.)

The destructive cycle of Five Elements:
  • Metal chops Wood
  • Wood separates Earth
  • Earth dams Water
  • Water puts out Fire
  • Fire melts Metal
The defensive cycle of Five Elements:
  • If attacked with Metal, retaliate with Fire
  • If attacked with Fire, retaliate with Water
  • If attacked with Water, retaliate with Earth
  • If attacked with Earth, retaliate with Wood
  • If attacked with Wood, retaliate with Metal
A defensive move includes both defensive and offensive techniques. When you set up the move, you know how the other person will respond, so it's like a trap. When he goes for it, then finish the move. Fight with contingencies!

When you get hit, slap the point that got hit and rub C2 on the opposite side of the body that got struck. This will dissolve the energy.

(Gary Torres is an osteopath, a chiropractor and is certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine and so he often uses explanations from all three systems. When he references C2 he is giving a general location at the top of the spine. The point to be rubbed is underneath the base of the skull next to vertebra C2, opposite the side you got struck . This is a very powerful and handy way of neutralizing point strikes that is not commonly shared publicly.)

The Dan-Tian is the only place in the body that can store energy without any ill effects.

Medicine is the right spot, the right time, the right concentration.
Poison is the wrong spot, the wrong time, the wrong concentration.

Healing is about acu-point activation. Delivering medicine. Intended to restore, balance, or enhance chi flow.

Martial arts is about acu-point fighting. Delivering poison. Intended to impede, unbalance, or stop chi flow.

Strike three points and this is a knockout. Strike five points and this is death.

Some points need to be touched, rubbed, or hit in a certain direction depending on the time of day. (The cycle of qi flow in the meridian system was reviewed.) Need to know the time of day so you know when the energy is in which meridians. Energy is in a meridian for two hours. Strike these meridians during these time to interrupt chi flow.

* The lecture then concluded and we were instructed to put away our notebooks and we learned the Xing-Yi Five Element form and the Xing-Yi Five Element Two-person form. He concluded the seminar by demonstrating a simple "sleeper" point rub.

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